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Education in Malaysia - A Statement of the Bahá’í Community of Malaysia



In conjunction with the Education System Review 2012




In March 2012, the Malaysian Bahá‘í community participated in the nationwide exercise to review the education system.  We conducted several consultative sessions where we engaged Bahá‘í educators, community leaders, parents and youth in a series of discourses on the Malaysian education system. The discussions raised many profound ideas and constructive recommendations which Bahá‘í representatives shared when they participated in the nationwide dialogues.


The experience of the Bahá‘í world community in the area of education in thousands of neighbourhoods around the world, is revealing a number of principles salient to refining the quality and learning outcomes of educational processes.  We believe that these  principles could serve as signposts in directing our endeavours in translating to reality the noble intentions enshrined in our National Education Philosophy.


In June 2012, the Bahá‘í community presented its statement to the Education Review Board.  The Statement articulates our vision of an education system that unleashes and develops the inherent potential in our children and youth, who can then dedicate themselves towards the well-being and prosperity of our blessed country.

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