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Science, Religion & Development

Discourse Series


The Bahá’í Community's Science, Religion and Development (SRD) Discourse Series seeks to promote greater understanding and collaboration on the complementary role between science and religion in social transformation.


Over the last fifty years, materialistic assumptions and approaches have dominated development thinking in many ways, giving little emphasis to the spiritual dimension that enriches, ennobles and provides direction to human beings.


The essence of the discourse is the recognition that the methodologies of science and the insights of religion can work together in a complementary and synergetic manner to provide the essential tools for building harmonious and equitable social systems.


The Discourses bring together experts, practitioners, academics, civil society organisations and concerned citizens who come together to discuss ways and means of influencing thinking to bring about balanced development through the complementary inputs from science and religion.


Reports of Discourse

If you would like to participate in a discourse, please contact us.

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