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The period of youth is a critical period of personal change when young people begin to consciously explore and apply their knowledge, values and beliefs about individual and collective life. During this time, they take on new responsibilities – providing care at home, contributing to the family income, and becoming protagonists of change in their communities and nations. By the end of this period, many have taken on the full responsibilities of adults.


While the challenges are daunting, young people are not victims in need of others to solve their problems. Rather, this age group represents a tremendous source of intellectual and social potential waiting to be developed and channeled towards socially constructive ends.


The future of today’s society will depend to a great extent on the manner in which educational programs and methods are designed to release the latent potential of youth and prepare them for the world they will inherit.


Youth are an integral part of the community building process in Malaysia as well as in Bahá’í communities around the world.  They are active protagonists who work side by side, accompanying one another in service. It is not uncommon to see youth fully engaged in all areas of service, as teachers, facilitators and planners; organising, coordinating and administering the work of others.






Youth and young adults in the Malaysian Bahá’í

community participate in discourses that concern

 issues related to youth.  While they share their

experiences gained in community building endeavours,

they are also eager to learn and collaborate

with their fellow citizens in contributing

towards the well-being of the nation.

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